Karli Isiyel


Karli Isiyel


What made you take the leap from regular employment to working for yourself? 

I had been working a full time design job and doing freelance at night for 5 years. Then on top of that was planning a destination wedding. My freelance biz was picking up and I thought one of these things has to go and it is not going to be my wedding or my business! So I quit my full time job. And have been full time freelance for a year and half now. And for a year of that time, my husband and I have been working and traveling abroad. Best decision ever!

What tools do you find indispensable to complete your daily tasks?

Toggl for client tracking, Quickbooks, Time Doctor for employee time tracking.

How do you structure your days?

No matter where we are in the world, we stay on a AZ time zone. Scottsdale, Arizona is our home base. So once we got to the Philippines we needed to start a night shift where we get up at 11pm and work until 8am. That has been really challenging as we are breaking a mold we've been used to for 30+ years.

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

Don't take it personally. I learned that early on while still in design school. Only took a few times of bursting into tears to understand that the direction isn't attacking me directly. It is there as a suggestions, as an idea to potentially better the project. Think of it as teamwork to achieve the highest quality outcome :)

How many years have you been in business?


Do you have any lofty goals for 2019? What are they?

Mostly personal growth. Practicing self love. Meditation.

Do you have routines that you follow to keep your mental health in check?

Meditation. I used guided meditations through Audible. Yoga is also really amazing for me.

Do you work and travel? Where have you been while freelancing?

We are on a mission to visit 12 countries in 12 months. We are on #11 in Bali. And we started our journey in Colombia, then Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Philippines. And next up for #12: Australia! The most important thing is finding an Airbnb with quality internet. And so far all have been really great. Always a little harder to get a quality connection on small islands.

What are the hardest parts of freelancing?

Hmm. Keeping focus. I try and stick to a 7 hour work day. Of course some days are less if I have trouble focusing.

What are your most favorite things about freelance work?

The opportunity to help people with their visions for their business.

You can find Jessie online at Happy Brand Company and on IG @untetheredmuse & @ackthebook