My name is Karli and I’m a Graphic Designer in Austin, Texas. I’m a native Austinite who loves fashion, all things beautiful and having cocktails with her girlfriends. Mental health is a big priority for me and I talk about it often. Here’s my freelance story:

I went to a liberal arts university here in Austin and graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic Design. I have always been a resourceful gal, growing up with a single mom and being an only child I usually had to figure out things on my own. Shortly after college I did really any job I could get. I waited tables, worked as a 911 operator and then a support assistant in the mailroom of a state agency. And then, finally I got my ‘big break.’ I landed a position as a Marketing Assistant for Kerbey Lane Cafe. Of course growing up here I was a huge fan of the local restaurant chain. I absolutely loved it. I loved my boss, I loved the company, and I of course loved the free food. I loved it so much that I stayed there 8 years. I worked my way up to Marketing Director and then Creative Director. I grew up there, learned so so much about the industry, myself and long lasting relationships with co-workers turned family. I also learned that once something is no longer fulfilling a part in me then I need to move on. I’d always had an entrepreneurial mind - starting various companies since I was 20 years old. But nothing ever stuck and it was always a side hustle. I made the hard decision in March to quit my full time position at a company that is and will continue to be extremely successful.

It really was a leap, and I truly think that people who run their own businesses and work for themselves have to be just a little bit crazy. I’m not going to sit here and say it was a walk in the park. The last 10 months have been emotionally and financially challenging. I’ve grown SO much, and my mental health is getting back to where it should be. For me, feeling stagnant is probably one of the worst feelings. I fall into depression easily and in order for me to live a happy, fulfilled, successful life I have to be diligent with self care, therapy and self-awareness.

I started freelance chronicles because I want to talk about people’s journey on the other side of regular, full time employment. It important for me to have community, and that’s what I’m hoping to create.

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