Toolbelt Series: Freshbooks vs. Quickbooks

Hello lovely ladies! It’s been a hot minute since I posted. I went on a long trip to Turkey (and Amsterdam briefly) so I had my head in the clouds for a bit.

Just ask any of my friends, I’ve got some pretty loud opinions. I got to thinking that, since I always have something to say, why aren’t I recommending my favorite freelance tools?

Well, the Toolbelt Series was born.

I’m going to be sharing my faves and giving a short review and some tips and tricks to using these tools. Have something you love?! Write me at

Today, let’s about accounting systems. In my opinion they truly are the one of the most important things that you’ll use in your business. After all, it’s how you get paid (in most cases). When I started freelancing I chose Freshbooks. I didn’t know much about accounting software and at the time I religiously listened to Kathleen Shannon’s Being Boss Podcast and she was always plugging it there, so, I gave it a try.

It was low cost then (and is still only $25 a month for up to 50 clients). And super easy for a non-math creative brained person like me to use. There were definitely occasions that I’d need to write in or call customer service to ask how to pull a certain report, or ask how to login to the credit card processing system. But truly, all in all it was great. Whenever I did have a question, their customer service was great. Freshbooks makes things simple while still gathering all pertinent information.

Pro Tip: Make SURE your accountant knows how to use Freshbooks. The irony of this post is that I did not make sure first, and hired my CPA. She refused to work with Freshbooks - because she didn’t know how to and definitely suggested that I switch to Quickbooks. And here I am, writing a love letter to Freshbooks, because I MISS THEM. Alas, y’all better talk to your CPA before you make any big moves, BUT if you are into checking out Freshbooks you can find them here. Go get that free trial, gurl.

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Written by Karli, founder of The Freelance Chronicles. Owner of KarliDesigns, LLC. Lover of swimming holes and plants.

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