About The Freelance Chronicles

You’ve got talent, you’ve got the bold ideas, and you are ready to go big. Which is great, because you’re going to need all of that as a freelancer. But you’re also going to need other stuff too, like a tax designation, a website host, basic bookkeeping and more. Pursuing your passion got you this far; how about some help with the business shit?

Freelance Chronicles is all about the intersection of expression and execution. Here you’ll get the support to channel your talent into a business that makes amazing products AND makes you the money you deserve. You’ll be part of a community that diminishes the loneliness of being out on your own. You’ll get the inspiration to keep you going through those bouts of self doubt. And you’ll get practical advice so you can stay on track with the minimum amount of brain space required.

What happens on this site? You’ll read blogs, connect to resources and share your successes with others rockin’ the solopreneur world.

What’s next for the Freelance Chronicles? Let’s create it together!

About the Founder

A scrappy kid at heart, I have always been on the search for the creative idea that would “make it” for my career. I developed my first brand and business while studying graphic design in college in Austin. It gave me experience with full creative process I wasn’t getting in class. It also introduced me to all the tiny decisions business owners make, like how to register your business, how to pay taxes, how to manage projects with no boss to hold you accountable, and more. 

I never stopped loving the independence and results-driven nature of being my own business, but my bank account called, so I logged some years in the corporate world. For nearly a decade I was part of Kerbey Lane Cafe, moving from Marketing Assistant to Creative Director. While there I took the brand from Hippies you can smell to Hippies you can trust with your credit card. By connecting the purpose of the brand to the strategy of the business, we were able to keep our heart even as we transformed our menus, the look of our locations, the dress code, and the feel you get when you walk in the door. Also, I got to design packaging sold at HEB, which is the definition of making it. 

Back on my own at KarliDesigns, my purpose is not only creating with mission-driven clients, but also applying some shine theory to the creative community. I’m ready to drag all y’all freelancers into the Executive Suite with me!